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Search in BioMedical Relationships with Evidence

Concept Search works based on distribution of information in the text. It is easy to search for A causes B.
However, if "A casues B because of C" is needed and also " X causes Y because of C" needed
then NaturalText Concept search can bring that information from millions of concepts.
It works better with Entity-Action Relationships. Entity-Entity or Entity alone will work better in next update.
UnSupervised Deep Learning Entity tagging for all 2 Million Articles and 200 Million Lines is on the works and available soon.
For example, searching "potential candidate in cancer therapy" will bring the following results.
  1. Apoptosis and significant decrease in the expression of the cell cycle-related genes ( p53, Bcl - 2, and Fas, ) in these cells following treatment, indicate that the polysaccharide can be a potential candidate in cancer therapy (Cai et al.
  2. The kinetic curves of the expression of the c-myc, p53, bcr/abl, mdm2, p21, bcl2, bax, gapdh, actin, bcr genes were compared to those of the regulation of the proliferation and differentiation of three main types of myeloid Ph + cells and their apoptosis and distribution in the phases of the cell cycle.
  3. The tumor suppressor p53, which is activated by genotoxic and cellular stress, protects instable cells via the expression of the genes that trigger the cell cycle and inhibit proliferation, blocking apoptosis, and repairing DNA.
First result has the phrase "potential candidate in cancer therapy" but second and third results, relevant but dont have the keyword.
Try for yourself.